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Using Jet Tec remanufactured HP ink cartridges

Remove the transport clip, and use to seal the empty ink cartridge you are replacing. Send the old printer cartridge back for remanufacturing (click ink cartridge recycling for more details). Put the replacement Jet Tec inkjet cartridge into the printer and close the cover.
Q. I have installed my Jet Tec cartridge but the printer is showing the ink cartridge has not been installed.
A. Check the cartridge is the correct model for the printer. HP manufacture many different cartridges, which look the same, but are not always interchangeable. If the ink cartridge is the correct one for your printer, remove the cartridge, and wipe the gold coloured electrical contacts with a tissue, before reinstalling the cartridge (see below).

Q. I have cleaned the contacts and checked the type is correct, but I still have problems.
A. The cartridge may have an electrical fault. Return the cartridge to your store for a replacement.
Q. The status monitor says the cartridge has previously been used, or the ink is depleted.
A. Some HP printers will write empty to a cartridge when it is finished. When the warning box appears, press OK to continue using the printer without the status monitor. The status monitor is not needed for printing. Replace the cartridge as usual, when the ink starts running out. (Don’t forget to return the cartridge for recycling)
Q. I have lines in my printout, or bands of colour missing.
A. The printer has a cleaning cycle designed to remove air trapped in the cartridge’s printhead. Use this cleaning cycle according to the instructions for your printer.
Q. The cleaning cycle did not improve my print quality.
A. The cartridge may have run out of ink, is so replace with another one, and return the old cartridge for recycling. If you believe the cartridge should be OK, try wiping the printhead on the cartridge with a moist tissue. (Deionised water is best to moisten the tissue, some hard tap water may make the problem worse). Wipe the printhead from front to back until you get a black line, or three colour line on the tissue. Reinstall the cartridge and try again.
Q. I have installed a new cartridge and there is a light flashing on my printer.

A. On most HP printers, a light flashing on the front of the printer indicates that the installed cartridge has not been detected by the printer. Ensure that the you have installed the correct cartridge for the printer. Lift the lid of the printer and wipe the cartridge electrical contacts with a piece of dry tissue (indicated below by the red arrow). This will remove any grease or dirt which may have broken the electrical contact.

Re-install the cartridge. At this stage do not wipe the print head, which is identified as Number 2.

Q. My cartridge is the correct model and I have cleaned the electrical contacts twice but still the cartridge cannot be recognised.
A. There is possibly an electrical fault with the product.
Q. I have installed a new cartridge and the status monitor says it has previously been used.
A. Built within the electrical circuitry of the cartridge is a preset ink counter. Once this ink counter has been completed the printer will purposely damage the cartridge by destroying a cartridge fuse. This system is designed to deter the consumer from refilling or using a remanufactured products. The cartridge will work correctly but without the assistance of a status monitor. Cartridges should be replaced once the print quality deteriorates.
The above screen may appear on both black and colour cartridges following installation.
Q. I have installed a new cartridge and the print quality is poor with missing print and white streaks.
A. The cartridge has been supplied in a clip which is designed to prevent the cartridge from drying out. On most HP inkjet printers the print head which delivers the ink is incorporated into the design of the cartridge. Most print faults are caused by air trapped within the print head. Perform a cleaning cycle by accessing your printer toolbox. The method of accessing the HP toolbox will vary depending upon your printer model.

The above screen may be accessed from your printer properties. Click the service icon and the following screen will appear:

Click the relevant icon to perform a cleaning cycle. Other methods to obtain the toolbox are as follows: Start / All Programs / HP / Printer Model / Toolbox Start / All Programs / HP / HP Solution Centre / Select Printer from Screen / Settings / Printer Toolbox
Q. I have cleaned the cartridge using the printer toolbox and the quality is still poor after installing a new cartridge.
A. Lift the carriage lid and remove the affected cartridge. On the colour cartridge there are three sets of ink nozzles, wipe the cartridge with tissue paper until three sets of colours appear on the paper. On the black cartridge only one line of ink will appear.
Number 2 identifies the location of the print head. Number 1 identifies the electrical contacts.

If there is no improvement with the print quality, repeat the above steps but use tissue moistened with de-ionised water. (Tap water will react with the die / pigment and cause further print faults). The cartridge will need to be exchanged if this does not work. If the cartridge has been installed in the printer for some time and print problems occur, repeat the above steps. If problems persist it is highly likely the cartridge is empty.
Q. I have installed a new cartridge and ink has poured out of the printer.
HP inkjet printers automatically go through a cleaning cycle which is designed to ensure optimum print quality. A small amount of ink is removed from the print head of the cartridge and deposited into an absorbent pad located under the parked cartridge position. Ink is removed when: • A new cartridge is installed • A cleaning / priming cycle is activated • The printer has been unused for a period of time There is no printer warning system for the consumer when the absorbent pad becomes saturated. Ink will leak out of the pad and sit in the bed of the printer. If the bed of the printer becomes full the ink is highly liable to leak onto the printer work surface. This condition usually occurs with older printer models that contain references: HP15 / HP17 / HP23 / HP45 / HP78

The bottom arrow identifies the absorbent pad. The top arrow identifies ink which has leaked from the pad onto the bed of the printer. This leakage can also occur when the printer has been transported

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