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Useful Inkjet Printer Tips from UK Ink Supplies

UK Ink Supplies privides you with some useful inkjet printer tips for your day-to-day printing needs. Whether you have an Epson, Canon, HP, Brother or Lexmark printer, you will find these tips useful.

Tip 1. Always use the on/off switch to turn the printer off after use - never just turn off at the mains electricity supply, as this can sometimes cause problems when it is switched back on again.

Tip 2. Avoid leaving the printer cartridge cradle empty. Never remove the old cartridge until you are ready to install the new (Jet Tec) one. As always, Jet Tec ink cartridges are recommended as a quality, but cheaper means of running your printer.

Tip 3. One of the best tips for keeping your printer running efficiently is to use it regularly. Lack of use can give out poor quality printing.

Tip 4. Most inkjet printers come with software for cleaning and aligning the heads. It is suggested that you run these at least once a month to maintain print quality. Keeping your Jet Tec printer cartridge heads clean, will help to keep your printer running smoothly.

Tip 5. Generally, most inkjet printers print well on most types of printing paper, but occasionally some lower quality paper can reduce the printer's output and cause unwanted paper jams. For photographs, Jet Tec's Agfa printing paper is recommended.

Article by UK Ink Supplies, based in Lincoln, Lincolnshire stock an extensive range of printer ink cartridges and laser toner printer cartridges.  For more information visit UK Ink Supplies for the latest Jet Tec and other digital media products. Article posted 1st February 2011.

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