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Trouble Shooting Your Ink Cartridge Problems

The Jet Tec ink cartridges are the life blood of your inkjet printer - keeping your ink cartridges in the best working order can extend the lifespan of both the printer and the ink cartridges. With inkjet prices currently high, extending the life of each Jet Tec cartridge through proper maintenance and troubleshooting can save you a lot of time and money. If you can learn to recognise common problems early, you can remedy those problems quickly and get back to printing your documents.

Are you having problems installing your new ink cartridge?

Here are some helpful tips to solve common problems when installing a new ink cartridge:

Step 1
Remove the Jet Tec clip or tape from ink cartridge.

Make sure that you have removed all the tapes and protective plastic covers on the ink cartridge.

Step 2
Check that the Jet Tec printer cartridges are securely in place.

If the printer does not work after you have changed the cartridge, in all likelihood it means that the ink cartridge is not securely in place.

Step 3
Clean your inkjet printer cartridge heads.

Most printer software come with a set of tools or utilities for cleaning and aligning the ink cartridge and printer heads.

You may need to repeat this process several times if you have not used your printer for some time.

Step 4
Leave ink cartridge overnight.

If the cleaning routine does not work, try leaving the cartridge in the printer (turned off) overnight.

The next day, run the cleaning process again. The dried ink will soften, making it easier for the printer to clean.

If you have tried all of these steps and the new ink cartridge is still not working you may have a faulty cartridge and will need to return it.

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Article by UK Ink Supplies, based in Lincoln, UK stock a wide range of printer cartridges and laser toner  cartridges for most printers.  For more details please visit Jet Tec ink cartridges for the latest Epson, Canon, Lexmark, Brother and HP printer products.
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