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Kodak EasyShare Printers and Kodak No 10 Cartridges

The new range of Kodak EasyShare printers and cartridges has taken the digital world by storm. Equipped with the latest printing technologies and fantastic models to choose from, it is no surprise that Kodak remains one of the best brands around.

Affordable and high-end quality

One of the biggest plus points about these Kodak printers is their budget pricing and the high degree of quality offered. This is one reason why the Kodak EasyShare printers have captured significant market share ever since their launch. Some of the models available within the EasyShare printers are the 5300, 5100 as well as the 5500 models. These printers are multifunctional and thoroughly streamlined in terms of functionality. One of the advantages of these new-age printers is that you can perform bulk printing, which is the main requisite of office printers yet achieve high quality print outputs with the same printer set!

Popular model

The 5100 model is one of the more popular one among the series of Kodak EasyShare printers. This particular printer is equipped with versatile functionality such as copying, scanning as well as printing all in a single printer. The photo finishing is also truly amazing, which results in amazing picture quality that can last for a lifetime. The presence of Kodak No 10 cartridges, especially the colour versions and the black varieties are included as part of the 5100 printer model among the EasyShare range. There is a system of six ink as well as two cartridges included in this printer. These provide the perfect launch for recycling old cartridges for Kodak versions like 1215581 and the Kodak No 10 cartridges like colour and black variants. The speed of the 5100 model Kodak EasyShare printers is good at 32 pages per minute and the photo pictures are of lab quality churned out within 30 seconds. The presence of wireless and Bluetooth technology in this printer model makes it an attractive printer to purchase.

Other models

One of the other popular printer models among the Kodak EasyShare versions is the 5300 model. This printer model has a superior inkjet system. It also has high speeds and power such as those found in black prints in office printing. With high resolution, it facilitates photo cropping. The printerís Kodak No 10 cartridges come with high quality ink. Compared to many other printer brands, the Kodak EasyShare printers have a lower CPP. The other model in this series is the 5200 printer model, which can print very vivid and crisp photos as well as borderless prints. Photo documents are crisp and very clear in terms of quality. This particular printer model also has inbuilt software that facilitates digital manipulation of the pictures before sending them for printing. This software is based on lab printing technology which facilitates using graphical interfaces to print superior quality photos.

Our verdict

Overall, the Kodak EasyShare printers combine the best of technology along with a reasonable pricing. Equipped with user-friendly graphical interfaces and lower CPP, you can expect a long-lasting value for money with these Kodak printers. With a price of 350 to 400 USD, this printer offers a reasonable choice for offices operating within a budget.

Our verdict

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