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How to Change Your Inkjet Cartridges

Inkjet printers on the market today have on-screen alerts that let you know when the ink levels of the cartridge are running low. However, if you have an older inkjet printer, you might not receive any warning! If you attempt to print and it appears streaky or notice the page is blank, more than likely your inkjet cartridge is out of ink.

One very important thing to remember when replacing an inkjet cartridge is do not remove the old cartridge until you are ready to insert the new cartridge.

  1. Never remove your old ink cartridges until you are ready to insert the new inkjet cartridge.
  2. Turn on your printer and raise the lid or press the cartridge changing button - most printers will provide you with access to the inkjet cartridge.
  3. Wait for the printer cartridge carrier to slide out.
  4. Put your finger behind the ridge on the top front of the old cartridge and pull it towards you to remove. If you have an Epson printer, lift the cartridge holder lid, and the cartridge will pop up for removal.
  5. Carefully remove the tape from the ink opening on the bottom of new cartridge, or with Jet Tec cartridges, remove the red clip by "snapping" it off.
  6. Insert the new cartridge into the cartridge carrier. Make sure the new cartridge is oriented the same way that the old cartridge had been.
  7. Feel and hear the cartridge click into position. On some models, arrows will indicate the cartridge is correctly positioned.
  8. If you have an Epson printer, close the cartridge holder lid and press the cleaning button to charge the cartridge.
  9. Close your printer cover
  1. Many modern printer drivers display step-by-step instructions on the computer screen - UK Ink Supplies recommends following these.
  2. If you have a Canon Bubblejet printer, make sure you did not disturb the paper adjustment lever.
  3. Avoid touching openings, nozzles and electrical contacts on the new ink cartridge while installing.
  1. Inkjet printers will not work without all of the cartridges in place.

Article by UK Ink Supplies, based in Lincoln, Lincolnshire stock an extensive range of printer ink cartridges and laser toner printer cartridges.  For more information visit UK Ink Supplies for the latest Jet Tec ink cartridges, laser toners and other digital media products for your Dell printer. Article posted 4th February 2011.

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