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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are some of the frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ink cartridges and laser toners that we get asked every day:

How are Jet Tec Ink Cartridges are made?

Ever Wondered How Jet Tec Ink Cartridges are made? Well, have a look at this video of the Jet Tec ink factory in action...

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How do I identify my inkjet printer or ink cartridge?

Printer cartridges are not all the same. One set of ink cartridges will work with a group of printers, but not all printers. You must first identify the make and model number of your printer...

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Do you supply ink cartridges to schools and colleges?

UK Ink Supplies are pleased to announce that we accept official purchase orders from schools, colleges, universities, government organisations & registered charities in the UK...

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Why do ink cartridges cost so much?

Donít you just hate it when you get a really cheap printer and then when it comes to replacing the ink cartridge it costs a small fortune? Ink cartridges can cost a lot more than the actual printer itself...

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How do I recycle my printer ink cartridges?

Millions of ink and toner cartridges are simply thrown away every year, ending up in landfill sites across the world. The plastics and metals they contain take thousands of years to decompose. Recycling...

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How do I change my inkjet cartridges?

Inkjet printers on the market today have on-screen alerts that let you know when the ink levels of the cartridge are running low. However, if you have an older inkjet printer...

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How do I reduce my printing costs?

Printing can get expensive if you use your printer all the time, not just the cost of the ink cartridges, but also the paper too...

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How do I cut my printing costs with Epson ink cartridges?

Many people, with the high cost of living and mounting environmental concerns, are searching for ways to make every-day tasks more cost-effective. Printing costs...

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Are cheap ink cartridges are a great budget alternative?

Cheap Ink Cartridges are what you want if you are in the printing business. They are a great alternative for saving money - I know that many of you will not like the word "cheap", but do consider that the quality...

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What does all the information on Jettec's packaging mean?

Below are the two sizes of blister packaging the Jettec produce, with explanations of all the elements. All Jettec printer cartridge packaging is made from...

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What is the difference between a compatible and a remanufactured cartridge?

A compatible cartridge is manufactured from new materials in Jet Tec's Lincolnshire factory. The outer casing is moulded and the inside components are added. Chips are added where necessary and then filled with the relevant ink colour...

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Some other useful information:

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