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Canon PGI-520 ink cartridges from UK Ink Supplies

Remove the orange transport clip carefully, without squeezing the sides. Open the printer, remove the printer cartridge to be replaced and install the replacement cartridge. NOTE the replacement inkjet cartridge does not light up like an original. This is normal.
Q. Why does my cartridge not light up like an original?
A. The lighting of the ink cartridge has been patented by Canon, to prevent compatible manufacturers being able to offer this feature to their customers. Original cartridge on left, with light. Compatible on right, without light.
Q. My cartridge has not been recognised by the printer.
A. Make sure the cartridge is securely clipped in and the printer’s cover is closed. Check the status monitor, either on the printer’s control panel, or on the computer. Remember, the compatible cartridge does not light up to avoid patents. If the fault persists, remove the cartridge carefully to check the chip has not been dislodged. Reinstall the cartridge. If the fault persists, replace the cartridge.
Q. Why does my compatible cartridge not “click” like the original?
A. The clip on the original is patented. The fixing feature on the compatible is designed to do the same job without infringing the patent (see photo below).
Q. I have removed the orange clip and ink is dripping dripping out.
A. If the interior cartridge foam is not in the correct position, ink can drip from the exit hole after de-clipping. Sometimes the drip can be stopped by blotting the exit hole on some tissue paper.
Q. There is ink on the orange clip after de-clipping.
A. It is quite normal to witness ink on the clip. Ink on the clip pad does not mean the product is leaking.
Q. My Canon printer is smudging ink onto my paper and head cleans are not working. What should I do?
A. If this problem occurs, it is possible there is a fault with the print-head cleaning mechanism and we recommend the printer to be taken to your local Canon dealer.

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